Avoiding Water Damage Now and Later

Water damage is a topic that often goes overlooked in these months of dry summer heat. Unfortunately, this only leads to more problems as pooling water and equipment failure can cause serious water damage to your home while you’re away enjoying the sunny season. Even without trouble from these sources, preparing for issues that will arrive in the coming winter. SMART Environmental Services has the skill sets you’ll need to help you with both of these problems in the Kansas City area.
Summer Vacation Woes
For a lot of people, the end of summer is a time when they are away from home traveling, camping, or visiting their family. Water damage doesn’t pause while you’re away, unfortunately, as damage that you might not have noticed at first can continue to spread and worsen while you’re away. This is an extremely common problem, whether this damage is caused by weather events or plumbing issues, standing water can deal serious damage when left unattended. Cleaning up the water isn’t always enough, as you might miss moisture that has seeped into crevices that can lead to mold later on.
There are many ways you can prevent troubles with water from happening while you’re away from home:
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Maintain trees and vegetation
  • Maintain appliances
  • Investigate and fix leaks 
  • Check your water pressure
  • Check around washers and dishwashers for leaks or standing water
Preparing for Winter
To prepare yourself for the winter, and avoid possible water damage from frozen pipes, you should begin taking steps now. Repairing damaged pipes immediately is a great way to prevent major mold remediation projects down the road. For any concerns you might have about water in your home, you should contact SMART Environmental Services for their expertise in water and mold remediation. We will create a plan that includes options and delivers a fast response to the problem.
SMART Environmental Services has a team of expert technicians. We can handle any job properly and we are prepared to handle the specific needs of each building. Make sure to call us at (913) 355-5303 or click here to contact us online as soon as you notice water damage to prevent further damage and save yourself a headache.

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