Mold Remediation

Residential Mold Remediation – Commercial Mold Remediation

Our staff have been serving residential and commercial customers in Kansas City for years. We offer fast professional, and expert services to handle any size project.

A mold remediation project in your home or business may be stressful. SMART Environmental Services works quickly to reduce that stress for you. We complete our inspection, create a mold remediation plan, and provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Our recommendations are based on your specific situation.

Each mold removal plan takes our client’s unique needs into consideration. Whether it is the safety of your loved ones or minimizing disruption of daily workload, our experienced and highly trained team assesses each property during inspection and provides effective mold remediation recommendations.

SMART Environmental Services technicians are experts in mold. We pride ourselves on getting the job done properly the first time. Our company is knowledgeable, certified, and trained to complete the job correctly. We work with you through every step of the process to ensure your satisfaction.

On both residential and commercial mold remediation projects SMART Environmental Services LLC utilizes the following when appropriate:

  • Collaborating with third party mold testing companies to receive accurate and non-biased mold test results. 
  • Creating a plan to most effectively clean and treat the mold to remove it.
  • Utilizing proper safety measures on every job which includes staff wearing PPE (personal protective equipment), proper containment, and steps to avoid mold cross-contamination.
  • Demolition in some situations to remove the visible mold.
  • Placing specialty equipment to remediate the mold within the air.
  • Using hospital grade disinfectants approved by the CDC, OSHA, EPA, CIRI, FDA, and IICRC in order to remove and prevent any future mold growth.

For your residential or commercial mold issues, you can trust SMART Environmental Services with all your mold remediation needs. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

Residential Mold Remediation

To prevent mold from developing in your home, you must prevent water from entering. Kansas City residents contend with summer humidity, winter snow/ice, rains that cause flooding, leaky roofs, or unexpected plumbing emergencies – and all can contribute to mold growth in your home.

To help avoid a large mold remediation project in your home, SMART Environmental Services recommends inspecting your home often to ensure you don’t have water somewhere it shouldn’t be. If you notice any leaks or puddles, make sure to look for dry the area immediately and fix any problems to prevent re-occurrences. If you have water in your insulation, notice a musty smell in the air, or see mold has already started to grow, contact SMART Environmental Services, Kansas City’s top choice in mold remediation, immediately.

Commercial Mold Removal

The same rules apply to businesses as with residential properties, however, mold remediation presents a more unique situation for our SMART Environmental Services staff, completing a project with minimal impact to business operations.

Our staff have been working with businesses and property owners for years. We understand the unique challenges that go along with a commercial project. We devise a remediation plan that includes options and delivers a fast response to the problem. Our staff keep you informed along the way so that you are aware of our progress and we can adjust, if needed, to your business requirements.