Methamphetamine and Fentanyl Cleanup

Residential Methamphetamine & Fentanyl Cleanup – Commercial Methamphetamine & Fentanyl Cleanup

Our staff have been serving residential and commercial customers in Kansas City for years. We offer fast professional, and expert services to handle any size project.

methamphetamine and fentanyl cleanup kansas city smart environmental services

Smart Environmental Services performs residential and commercial methamphetamine and fentanyl cleanup services. Our cleanup experts will assist you through the decontamination cleaning throughout the entire process.

This type of cleanup is hazardous because of the drug residue and paraphernalia (hypodermic needles) and porous materials that is required to properly decontaminate the property.

We work with local third-party testing companies in order to obtain proper information and the level of drug contamination. After pretesting the process is as follows:

  • A pre-assessment and decontamination action plan is created along with an estimate of the project cost.
  • Our team properly contains the property and sets up necessary equipment. Protective personal equipment is used due to this hazardous cleaning.
  • Contents are evaluated but most contents cannot be salvaged or saved. The structure is cleaned and then coated with a specialty solution to remove the drug residue.
  • Once the structure is cleaned, the third-party testing company will again complete post clearance testing ensuring the structure is safe to reenter and occupy.

For your residential or commercial methamphetamine and fentanyl cleanup service needs, you can trust SMART Environmental Services LLC. Contact us today for an assessment and estimate.