ERMI Remediation

Residential ERMI Remediation – Commercial ERMI Remediation

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When we say ERMI remediation we are referring to the process we use to determine the level of mold present in residential or commercial properties. EMRI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) is a type of testing and research tool that assists in investigating mold contamination within a structure.  This test is completed by analyzing the dust samples and is a highly specific DNA-based method for determining mold species and produces a score.  The ERMI score helps understand the level of biotoxins in the environment. (EPA ERMI)

The ERMI remediation test alone may not be able to explain the entire picture of how the structure needs to be remediated.  Additional home inspections may be needed to assess any prior water damage and air quality mold sampling taken to complete the investigation and provide an accurate estimate.

Mold Could Be The Reason You Don’t Feel Well

ERMI remediation testing of your home or office could help explain why you don’t feel well. Most people aren’t aware that the environment in which they live or work could be the cause of their symptoms or illness. Many customers tell us they don’t feel well and can’t figure out why.  Mold affects everyone differently. Some may have little to no symptoms, while others are sensitive to mold, have mold allergies, or have an auto immune illness and experience very severe reactions to even low levels of mold in the air.

In fact, some people are more sensitive to fungus that produce toxins called mycotoxins.  These individuals not only show mold related symptoms but may have already been diagnosed with aspergillosis (CDC Aspergillosis) or even CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).  Approximately one fourth of the population is genetically prone to and susceptible to mycotoxins. (CIRS) So if you are wondering why you continue to get sick, you should seek a  professional expert to evaluate your property. (WebFMD)

ERMI Remediation With SMART Environmental Services

SMART Environmental Services is the ERMI remediation and cleaning expert in Kansas City.  Our team works with our customers to test, research, and devise a remediation plan for their properties using various methods to get the job done properly.  Hiring a restoration company who understands ERMI remediation is key to getting your structure professionally cleaned and safe for all who live or work there.  Call Smart Restoration today for a free consultation, assessment, and estimate.