Early Mold Removal Prevents Problems Down The Road

Mold removal can be necessary if mold is found in your home. Mold is often a hidden problem that, when left to grow, can lead to bigger problems later. If you have or suspect you have mold in your home SMART Environmental Services can provide you with options regarding removal services to solve the problem for you.

Mold Assessment

Having a mold assessment performed first is the best course of action and will help you avoid having a larger mold removal project than necessary. Some species of mold doesn’t look abnormal on material surfaces and because mold is measured in microns the naked eye can’t see what is in the atmosphere.  Therefore, the extent of the mold problem may be hard to identify without lab testing.  SMART Environmental Services is knowledgeable, certified, and trained to complete the job correctly.

Our team collaborates with third party mold testing companies to attain results that you can trust as accurate and unbiased. Once we get the results, our team will create a plan for mold removal that takes all of your needs into account.  
When the weather is wet and humid, water can work its way into your walls and attic. These often unseen areas are the places in your home where mold can do the most damage. If you suspect a leak in your property, contact the team at SMART Environmental Services for inspections and/or mold removal as soon as possible. 
Mold Remediation
Our mold removal process includes methods that range from cleaning using disinfectants approved by the EPA that remove and prevent mold growth, to placing specialty equipment to remediate the mold within the air. To prevent this process from being necessary, we recommend regular inspections and taking steps to prevent water from entering your home to begin with.
For residential or commercial mold issues in Kansas City, the team at SMART Environmental Services will get the job done correctly. Contact us at (913) 355-5303 or click here for a free estimate.

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