ERMI Testing and Remediation Could Solve Mystery Health Concerns

ERMI testing of your home or office could help explain why you don’t feel well. ERMI stands for Environmental Relative Moldiness Index.  This is a type of testing and research tool that assists in investigating mold contamination within a structure. SMART Environmental Services has a staff that has been helping residents of Kansas City, they have the know-how to understand the ERMI testing in your home or business. 
How does ERMI remediation work?
ERMI testing is completed by analyzing mold contamination within a structure. Dust samples are taken from your building and analyzed using a highly specific DNA-based method for determining mold species. Through this test, an ERMI score will be assigned which will help to understand the level of biotoxins in the environment. Most people would be surprised to learn that the environment they live or work in could be the cause of their symptoms or illness.
Mold and Your Health
Many of our customers asking for ERMI testing tell us that they don’t feel well and have no idea why. Exposure to mold will affect everyone differently. While some people will experience no symptoms, others might be more sensitive to mold exposure, have mold allergies, or have an autoimmune illness which could cause severe reactions to even a low amount of mold in the air.
The Solution
SMART Environmental Services understands ERMI testing and ERMI remediation. Our team will work with you in order to develop a remediation plan. Members of our team are trained in various methods to get the job done properly. 
Call Smart Environmental Services today at (913) 355-5303 or click here to contact us online for a free consultation, assessment, and estimate. We offer fast professional, and expert services to handle any size project.

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