ERMI Testing Can Help You Find Answers

ERMI testing is one tool used by professional mold remediators to determine the level of mold contamination in a structure. ERMI stands for the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index. It was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you suspect that mold in your home or business is causing health problems for you, your family or employees, you may want to consider ERMI testing as part of the overall mold removal strategy. At SMART Environmental Services, we help customers in Kansas City, Olathe and Overland Park take care of their residential or commercial mold problems.
Mold testing can be somewhat expensive, and it is not always necessary to perform testing before removing mold. It is up to you as the property owner to determine whether you want to have testing done. A professional mold remediation company like SMART Environmental Services can evaluate your situation and take care of mold removal without testing. However, if you suspect that mold is the source of health problems in your home or business, you may want to have ERMI testing done. In some cases, identifying the types of mold present in the structure may help to inform diagnosis and treatment of health issues. 
Although some people do not experience symptoms from mold exposure, there is a significant segment of the population that is genetically susceptible to illness when exposed to mycotoxins. These are toxic substances which are emitted by certain types of mold. One example is aspergillosis – an illness that is caused by the toxins emitted by the common mold type aspergillus. This type of mold can live both indoors and outdoors and can cause serious health issues in people who are sensitive to it. If you or someone in your family has been feeling unwell for an extended period of time but have not been able to identify a cause, you could have a condition called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). This condition has been linked to mold exposure and can cause a wide variety of symptoms. If you know or suspect that mold is present, you may want to consider mold and/or ERMI testing in order to identify exactly what type(s) of mold are present.
ERMI testing is a DNA-based method for determining what species of mold are present in the area being sampled. It involves analyzing dust samples from your home or business. When it is completed, you will be given a score, which can help you understand what level of biotoxins is present in the environment. Armed with this knowledge, as well as with information gained through a thorough inspection of the premises, the experts at SMART Environmental Services will formulate a plan for mold remediation. Then our teams will get to work making your home or business safe for those who live or work in it.
SMART Environmental Services is proud to be a women-owned business, founded by local entrepreneurs. We serve customers in Olathe, Overland Park and the entire Kansas City area and offer high-quality ERMI testing and remediation services to keep your family safe. We offer a wide range of services, with financing options to fit almost any budget. If you think mold is making you sick, contact us today at  (913) 355-5303. We will help you find the answers you are seeking.

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