Meth & Fentanyl Remediation for Homes or Commercial Properties

Meth and Fentanyl Remediation services offered by SMART Environmental Services to the Kansas City area is your solution to fentanyl contaminated surfaces. Meth and Fentanyl Remediation have similar technical cleanup guidelines for breaking down labs and disposing of materials as other remediation projects including asbestos, lead or mold. The “EPA recognizes the emerging threat of fentanyl” and the significant hazards fentanyl and meth pose to the public. 

In 2007 the Methamphetamine Remediation Act required the EPA to develop guidelines for remediating former meth labs. The guidelines were established so that former meth labs could become clean enough to inhabit again. Because several Kansas cities serve as methamphetamine distribution centers for the state, particularly those cities located along I-35 including Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas, the clean-up burden can be great.

We work with local third-party testing companies in order to obtain proper information concerning the level of drug contamination. After pretesting the process is as follows:
  • A pre-assessment and decontamination action plan is created along with an estimate of the project cost.
  • Our team properly contains the property and sets up necessary equipment. Protective personal equipment is used due to this hazardous cleaning.
  • Contents are evaluated but most contents cannot be salvaged or saved. The structure is cleaned and then coated with a specialty solution to remove the drug residue.
  • Once the structure is cleaned, the third-party testing company will again complete post clearance testing ensuring the structure is safe to reenter and occupy.
Often times meth or cocaine can be laced with fentanyl. This November 2023 study cites as much as 15% of street meth and powder cocaine samples contained the opioid fentanyl. If you suspect drug activity may have taken place on your property, don’t wait for an evaluation by a professional! Fentanyl is difficult to detect and can be transdermal, making it easy to accidentally inhale or come into contact with. Fentanyl contamination can be extremely dangerous and requires specialized gear and experience to handle properly. Hiring a professional cleanup team for meth and fentanyl remediation like SMART Environmental Services is recommended for safety reasons.

For your residential or commercial meth and fentanyl remediation service needs, you can trust SMART Environmental Services LLC. Contact us today for an assessment and estimate.