Mold Damage: Don’t Wait To Seek Help

The leading cause of mold damage in businesses and homes is without question water, and with the spring season, there is more rain and higher humidity. These conditions lead to an increase in leaks and moisture buildup in attics and other poorly ventilated areas in your home that create the perfect environment for mold growth. SMART Environmental Services wants to provide you with the tools and expertise to protect your home from the risk of mold damage, so if you have had a leak in your home, don’t wait until it’s too late to seek help.
Whether you’ve had something as seemingly insignificant as a roof leak or as major as flooding, mold damage could be occurring in your home before you ever see any noticeable signs of it. When you seek expert help from professionals such as those at SMART Environmental Services, they not only know what to look for while providing their assessment services, but they have also built relationships with mold testing companies that will provide accurate and unbiased mold test results.  The mold test results reveal whether or not you have mold damage in your home and inform you of the type of fungi species. 
Once the presence of mold damage in your home has been confirmed, SMART Environmental Services will create a plan to clean the mold and remove it and utilize specialty equipment to help remove the spores from the material surfaces and within the air to prevent it from returning. As part of our removal process, SMART Environmental Services will use hospital grade disinfectants with CDC, OSHA, EPA, CIRI, FDA, and IICRC approval to remove the mold and prevent further growth.
In order to minimize the need for a large remediation project in your home due to mold damage, we recommend inspecting your home to make sure you don’t have water building up in places it shouldn’t be. You should make sure to dry the area immediately if you notice any leaks or puddles forming and fix any holes to prevent these problems from reoccurring if you find them. If you notice water in your insulation or smell a musty odor in the air, contact SMART Environmental Services to have the problem taken care of immediately.
The staff at SMART Environmental Services has been working with businesses and homeowners for years to repair and prevent mold damage. We have experience in handling the challenges that come with mold remediation projects and will devise a plan that includes options and delivers a fast response. If you suspect mold damage in your home, call us today at (913) 355-5303 or contact us online for a free estimate.

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