Mold Remediation in Kansas City Ensures Safer Environment

Mold remediation in Kansas City is the process of removing mold and preventing its regrowth.  Removing mold safely is essential and requires a professional to prevent the potential of cross-contamination. Mold hiding behind walls in your home or business can be risky to one’s health, causing allergic reactions like itching, watery eyes, rashes, and even more seriously, respiratory issues.  Long-term exposure can put you and others at risk of even more severe illnesses.  Hiring a professional mold remediation company in Kansas City will reduce the risk of it coming back and continuing to cause problems.

Mold growth can sometimes be difficult to spot, because it can be hidden, but knowing what to look for can put you a step ahead of the problem, so you can quickly contact professional mold remediation in Kansas City to handle the problem.

  • The first thing you may notice is the odor before you see any visible mold spots.
  • Mold gives off a musty, unpleasant odor that may remind you of damp earth in an old cellar or a dingy basement.
  • Wherever there is water there is potential for mold growth, so if there has been water damage from leaks and flooding, check those areas.
  • You can also sniff out moldy areas behind the walls near electrical outlets or vents.
  • If you see yellow or brown water stains or discoloration anywhere on your walls, it’s likely mold is growing behind them.  Obviously, if there are clearly damp spots on the walls or ceilings, some kind of moisture is present which can turn into mold growth.
  • Discoloration on the outside is also an indication that mold is present inside the walls, and will show even over repainted walls.
  • Damage to your drywall, insulation, studs, and other materials will eventually begin to deteriorate. The paint will crack, the wallpaper will start to peel and the entire walls may become warped or begin to bulge from extended exposure to moisture and mold.

Visible mold is easy to spot and even hidden mold more often than not gives off a musty odor that can be easily detected.  SMART Environmental Services LLC mold should be called as soon as possible to assess and inspect your home or business for mold.  They will examine high-risk areas for signs of mold contamination, such as attics, basements, crawl spaces, and windows.  They will also look for other common sources that lead to mold growth, such as hidden water leaks and damp areas like under sinks and around water heaters.

However, the full extent of mold growth may not be known until a professional completes mold testing to determine what type of mold is present along with the mold count.  Once mold growth is detected, a plan for mold remediation in your home or business is completed.  Using established techniques that work best our IICRC certified company use industry-standard procedures and tools to ensure the mold is removed fully and disposed of safely.

When you call SMART Environmental Services mold remediation in Kansas City, we explain the process every step of the way and provide you with information about our services.  Our experienced and highly trained team of technicians will conduct an inspection and make recommendations base on the findings.  As a professional mold removal and remediation company in KC, we have the knowledge, certifications, and training to do every mold remediation in Kansas City job expertly and correctly.

We can be reached by calling 913-355-5303, or you can schedule a FREE estimate HERE.

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