Mold Removal From Start to Finish

If you need mold removal in your home, then it’s something you will want performed in a thorough and professional manner in order to restore your peace of mind as quickly as possible. In order to know if the job is being done competently though, it helps to be aware of what the process should look like. Here’s what will happen when you call SMART Environmental Services for mold removal services:
  • Inspection: We walkthrough the property where there has been known issues or gather information on other areas that may need to be looked at.
  • Testing: If testing is needed, we collaborate with third party mold testing companies to receive accurate and unbiased results.
  • Mold Remediation Plan: We create a plan for the mold removal that will take your unique needs into consideration.
  • Utilizing Proper Safety Measures: We utilize proper use of PPE and equipment and our staff takes steps to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Mold Removal: Our expert staff will perform thorough cleaning of the property, using hospital grade disinfectants approved by the CDC, OSHA, EPA, CIRI, FDA, and IICRC in order to remove mold and prevent future growth and will place specialty equipment to remediate the mold in the atmosphere and structure.
SMART Environmental Services’s process is one you can trust, and people choose them for their mold removal projects because of the quality of their work and the professionalism of their staff. One customer made note of many reasons to trust SMART Environmental Services with your business, writing in her review, “Smart Restoration is a great company.  They have a trustworthy and extremely professional staff and will complete the job on time and with the highest quality.  Their customer service is excellent. Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately.  They truly care about their customers, and I would highly recommend them!”
SMART Environmental Services is also aware that mold is an issue you don’t want to waste time removing and because of that we pride ourselves on our fast response time and being able to schedule services for our customers with the least possible wait time. This was noted by another customer in her five star review: “Great local company to work with! I was very pleased that they were able to get me on their schedule quickly and got the job done. Highly recommend Smart Restoration to anyone needing mold removal work done.”
SMART Environmental Services wants to help you with your mold removal needs so you can get your life back to normal. Call us at (913) 355-5303 or reach out to us through our website.

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