Mold Removal: Winter Months Create Unique Challenges for People Needing Water Mitigation

Mold removal may be necessary if you’ve experienced any problems with your water pipes following a cold snap. When pipes burst, the water damage to walls and flooring can create the conditions for mold to grow. SMART Environmental Services has all the expertise you need to handle your water mitigation and mold removal needs in Kansas City.
Winter in Kansas City and the surrounding areas can be unpredictable. Many people won’t think to take steps to avoid having water freeze in their pipes and this can lead to water mitigation experts having a very busy season. This makes calling an expert ASAP even more important so drying the structure is done quickly in order to eliminate further damage and problems.
Residential Mold Remediation 
Preventing mold from developing in your home means preventing water from entering. This can be difficult for Kansas City residents contending with summer humidity, winter snow/ice, rains, leaky roofs, and unexpected plumbing emergencies. If you want to avoid the hassle of having a large scale mold remediation project in your home, repair any damaged pipes immediately when you notice a leak or puddles.  Then contact Smart Environmental Services for any necessary water mitigation and a home mold assessment.
Commercial Mold Remediation
The conditions for mold growth are the same no matter what the building is used for. The main difference between commercial and residential mold removal is the challenges involved with working around your business. We understand the challenges that go along with commercial mold remediation projects in Kansas City. We will create a plan that includes options and delivers a fast response to the problem.
At SMART Environmental Services, we have technicians that are experts in both water mitigation and mold remediation. We get the job done properly and we know the needs of each building are different from the next, which is why we form a water and/or mold removal plan that takes your needs into consideration. Make sure to call us at (913) 355-5303 or click here to contact us online as soon as you notice water damage to prevent further damage and save yourself a headache.

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