Sanitization Cleaning Company Serving Kansas City, Overland Park and Olathe

As a sanitization cleaning company, SMART Environmental Services provides services for Kansas City metro area residential and commercial customers in asbestos and lead abatement, mold remediation, demolition, water mitigation and construction cleaning.

SMART Environmental offers abatement, remediation, removal and mitigation services and environmental cleanup as a sanitization cleaning company for Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, Overland Park, and Olathe, KS.

  • Mold
Our mold assessments determine the best course of action for any mold damage remediation that may need to take place on your property. We can remediate and remove the mold, use specialty equipment to clean the air and use methods and disinfectants approved by the EPA for your mold project, and test using a third-party lab for final results.
  • Asbestos
After completing our on-site inspection for asbestos, SMART Environmental, your sanitization cleaning company, creates an asbestos abatement plan. Having information to make the best decision for removal is critical because once the asbestos containing materials are disturbed, they can release particles and fibers into the air. Our technicians are trained to complete the job safely and professionally. This process includes wearing the proper PPE, setting the proper equipment, and putting up plastic to contain areas of your home while removal is taking place to avoid spreading airborne fibers. 
  • Lead
One of the largest problems in terms of lead exposure is lead based paint. When the paint peels and cracks, it makes lead paint chips and dust.  Ingesting lead is the most common way of exposing yourself to its toxic properties, even if you have another means of mitigating the danger, addressing the issue of lead paint in your home is extremely important.

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