Selective Demolition Provides A More Targeted Strategy

Selective demolition is a service with many benefits to your business. Smart Environmental Services specializes in various sizes of demo projects. Because we understand the difficulty of trying to balance a busy life with major projects, we create or schedule to accommodate you in our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction.
What is Selective Demolition?
Selective demolition involves removing specific interior or exterior portions of a building while protecting the remaining structure and nearby structures and areas. This strategy can salvage some portions of your building or can be for a complete renovation project. This process can be done using various techniques including hand demolition, saw cutting, and heavy machinery.
How Can it Help You?
Instead of having to completely demolish a building, selective demolition includes meticulous removal of particular building components. This lets go on to create something new using materials that were already used in the construction of your building, which helps minimize waste, and has a minimal negative environmental impact.
Where is it Used?
Selective demolition is used in several different areas:
  1. Renovation: When renovating a building, some sections may need to be removed to make new features or allow you to change the building’s layout.
  2. Structural Damage: If a building has suffered structural damage, sometimes only the affected section may need to be removed
  3. Hazardous Material: Partial demolition can remove dangerous materials, such as asbestos from a structure. 
  4. Expansion: Partial house demolition can be used to create space for a building expansion while maintaining the existing structure.
  5. Change of Use: Sometimes you’ll want to move non-essential portions of a building to convert them to a different use.
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