SMART Environmental Services understands commercial mold remediation in Kansas City and the importance of providing great customer service.  It is our belief that offering personalized customer service is an essential part of operating a business.  Our goal is to provide the kind of service that we expect ourselves, and by doing that, we hope to ensure our customers are satisfied completely with not only the work product we provide but with how our customers are treated by our staff and employees.

Research supports our position, not only for commercial mold remediation in Kansas City but for businesses of all kinds.  It’s a fact that customers expect – if not demand – personalized experiences.  Companies that can deliver quality customer service, such as returning phone calls, keeping appointments, and answering questions, will receive more recommendations, fewer complaints, and customer loyalty – all of which generate goodwill and increased revenue.

Knowing what our customers want and need is the one thing that solidifies our customers’ decision to do business with SMART Environmental Services.  Great acts of customer service aren’t isolated events.  Our team members are empowered to do the right thing all the time, and that is to give the highest level of service to every commercial mold remediation customer in Kansas City.

In an industry that often prioritizes profit margins over people, SMART Environmental Services’s talented team members and empathetic staff prioritize providing the highest quality workmanship and customer service.  As a locally owned and operated commercial mold remediation business, we offer unequaled personalized service, which gives us an edge over our competition.

SMART Environmental Services LLC provides mold remediation in the Kansas City metro along with, water mitigation, sanitization cleaning, construction cleaning, and pressure washing. Our company adheres to the IICRC, EPA, OSHA, and CDC standards. Further, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, with no liability to you.  If you have discovered mold on your property, we can be reached by calling 913-355-5303, or you can schedule a FREE estimate HERE.

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