Understanding the Water Mitigation Process

Water mitigation is the process of removing water from water-damaged building materials and belongings and drying them properly. If a pipe bursts in your basement or sudden rains cause flooding in the area, serious water damage can occur, and an immediate response is critical.

Removing the water quickly is the most important step in the water mitigation process. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the task of cleaning up after a flood may be too difficult or dangerous for homeowners to do alone. Some of the water being removed can have bacteria that can affect a person’s health. For that reason, you should call a professional water mitigation company right away when you experience a sump pump failure, broken pipes, or flooding. If water damage is not mitigated quickly, this can lead to secondary damages from moisture in materials you may not be able to see such as subfloor, sill plates and studs behind drywall for example. Secondary damages can also lead to mold growth as well. Mold growth can occur within 24-hours of being exposed to water, so these items must also be dried.

basement flooding water restorationThe water mitigation process begins with first determining where the water traveled and what materials were affected.  The next step is extracting all the water from your property. This includes using commercial grade water extraction units to remove both surface water and anything that has been absorbed into materials such as drywall, wood or fabrics. Our experienced mitigation team will evaluate what materials and belongings can be cleaned and salvaged as well. Once the water extraction is done, any items that are not salvageable, such as carpets, padding, damaged drywall, and insulation will be removed. Upholstered furniture, appliances, and draperies not affected will be moved to an area that is dry.  Industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers are then set to properly dry out all materials. Moisture and content readings are taken by the professional water mitigation company to monitor and determine when everything is dry.

Professional water mitigation companies in Kansas City deal with water damage on a regular basis. When handled properly, water mitigation can prevent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in repairing structural damage to your building or home. This is why SMART Environmental Services is on call, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

removing wet carpetingIf you need help with water mitigation after an emergency, call the experts at SMART Environmental Services. Our technicians, using advanced meters, can measure the level of moisture that is present and effectively reduce the risk of mold growth and begin mitigation immediately. Our IICRC-backed team has years of experience and understand the value of a rapid response to water mitigation in Kansas City.

Importantly, we take great measures to make sure that each step of the water mitigation process is handled safely, effectively, and abide by IICRC standards. Call SMART Environmental Services right away when your commercial or residential property has sustained water damage.

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