What Lead Removal Professionals Need to Be Qualified

In our lead removal blogs, one of the facts we commonly mention is that if you’re house was built before 1978, you’re at a higher risk of lead exposure. Hiring a professional service like SMART Environmental Services to test for and handle the removal of lead paint found in your homes is the clear solution, but how can you be sure these professionals are qualified? Fortunately, with regulation around lead, came a process for becoming licensed to remove this hazardous substance from a home or business.
Since lead is a substance that is regulated at the federal level, anyone dealing with lead removal in a professional capacity must be licensed by their state to do so. This licensing process requires individuals to attend training courses offered by a provider that is accredited with the department of health in their state. These training providers are regularly audited by the state to make sure they are remaining in compliance with state statutes and regulations. Lead abatement contractors must receive their own licensing as a business handling this type of work, and these contractors are subject to random inspections to ensure that they remain in compliance with the regulations, including work practice standards. 
Lead removal is something that is important to have done as soon as possible due to the health risks of exposure to lead paint. Lead exposure can cause damage to the brain and nervous system, slowed growth and development, learning and behavior problems, hearing and speech problems. Often it is children in the home that are at a higher risk of exposure due to their smaller size.
Lead removal is a task with significant risks. If you believe you have lead paint in areas of your home, you shouldn’t try to deal with the problem yourself. A licensed team of lead removal specialists will have the experience and resources to test for and deal with the removal of lead in your home safely.
If you live in a home in Kansas City that was built before 1978, there is a high probability that lead paint was used in its construction. Don’t hesitate to put your mind at ease, call SMART Environmental Services today. You can contact us by clicking here or by calling us at (913) 355-5303.

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