Asbestos Removal in Kansas City


Can you do asbestos removal on your own? It’s not advisable – experts agree from the American Lung Association, National Cancer Institute and CDC that proper handling of asbestos removal is best done by a certified contractor who has proper training, PPE and its disposal knowledge. What is Asbestos? explains, “Asbestos is the name given…

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Lead Removal and Abatement – Dangers and Handling Precautions


Lead removal is a task with significant risks. If you believe you have lead-based paint in areas of your older home, you shouldn’t try to deal with the problem yourself. A licensed team of abatement and removal specialists will have the experience and resources to test for and remove the substance from your home or…

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Asbestos – Handling Precautions and When You Should Hire a Professional


Asbestos handling and removal in Kansas City can be dangerous and is something a skilled, trained professional should identify and dispose of. Smart Environmental Services is here to help develop an abatement plan to meet your specific needs. Why can it be Dangerous? Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber. Due to its unique insulative properties,…

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SMART Environmental Services Covers for a Wide Array of Problems


SMART Environmental Services has an expert team ready to take care of any number of problems in the Kansas City area. Our team of technicians offer a wide array of services to ensure our clients can continue living or working safely in their home or business. Read on for some of the areas we can help…

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Commercial Mold Remediation Is Needed When Common Moisture Problems Arise

Commercial mold remediation is necessary after moisture problems

Commercial mold remediation can solve mold issues created from several different types of moisture problems. Concerns around indoor exposure have increased alongside the knowledge of the health effects that come with the exposure.SMART Environmental Services has a team that can help fix these issues and put your mold concerns to bed.    Mold requires water to…

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Asbestos Abatement Professionals Help You to Avoid Future Health Problems

Asbestos abatement warning sign

Asbestos abatement is a category within construction that focuses on removing or reducing the presence of hazardous materials. Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral, with a fibrous structure that, when inhaled, can lead to the development of severe health issues. If the process isn’t completed properly, asbestos abatement can contaminate property, contents, or people…

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Selective Demolition Provides A More Targeted Strategy

Apartment selective demolition

Selective demolition is a service with many benefits to your business. Smart Environmental Services specializes in various sizes of demo projects. Because we understand the difficulty of trying to balance a busy life with major projects, we create or schedule to accommodate you in our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction.   What is Selective Demolition?   Selective…

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Avoiding Water Damage Now and Later

water damage in the basement due to flooding. Generative AI

Water damage is a topic that often goes overlooked in these months of dry summer heat. Unfortunately, this only leads to more problems as pooling water and equipment failure can cause serious water damage to your home while you’re away enjoying the sunny season. Even without trouble from these sources, preparing for issues that will…

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ERMI Testing and Remediation Could Solve Mystery Health Concerns

ERMI Testing can answer your questions

ERMI testing of your home or office could help explain why you don’t feel well. ERMI stands for Environmental Relative Moldiness Index.  This is a type of testing and research tool that assists in investigating mold contamination within a structure. SMART Environmental Services has a staff that has been helping residents of Kansas City, they have the know-how…

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Asbestos Abatement Certification – Why It’s Important and Why You Should Look for a Certified Contractor


Asbestos abatement is a hazardous service SMART Environmental Services provides and because we value our employees and our customers, we adhere to the standards set by both the local, state, and federal regulations. We are your local Kansas City asbestos abatement certified professionals and are ready to help you with asbestos removal in your home…

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