Commercial Mold Remediation to Ease Your Professional Woes

Commercial mold remediation is different from residential mold remediation for several reasons. Some include the materials and the square footage differences between the type of building structures.  However, the commercial mold remediation process is the same but just on a larger scale. Luckily, SMART Environmental Services has the skills and experience to help with either project.
While dealing with mold in the home certainly has its difficulties, commercial mold remediation can potentially include lost wages and inconvenienced customers.  Keeping the interests of your staff and customers is the top priority for any successful business owner. Needing commercial mold remediation can negatively impact your reputation and lead to customers questioning the cleanliness of your establishment. Not to mention, there’s also the health of your employees to consider if they’ve been exposed to mold. 
Don’t let the stress of the challenges of commercial mold remediation get to you. Our team has years of experience dealing with commercial mold remediation in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Our experts are certified and will inspect your premises and collaborate with third party mold testing companies to obtain accurate and unbiased mold test result.  Then will provide a mold remediation plan and estimate for the building.

Since we know that your business is important to you, we will be sure to communicate clearly to make sure you know each step of the plan. As we do our work, we will adhere to all relevant safety standards to make sure everyone involved has appropriate PPE, practice proper containment of mold impacted materials, and takes the necessary steps to avoid mold cross-contamination.

Once we begin treatment, we will keep you updated on our progress. Because of the potential health risks, it is important for your business to get the mold remediation work completed quickly in order to protect the structure and the health of the employees. This is why we use hospital grade disinfectants approved by the CDC, OSHA, EPA, CIRI, FDA, and IICRC to kill the mold and prevent future growth.
If you need help dealing with a mold problem in your business or your home, SMART Environmental Services can help. Call (913) 355-5303 today to schedule a consultation with our team of experts or contact us online. We’ll take care of removing the mold so you can stay focused on the needs of your business.