Commercial Mold Remediation – Types and Techniques

Commercial Mold Remediation services for the Kansas City metro area includes removing mold materials, proper disposal of materials, and cleaning the mold spores in the atmosphere with equipment in order to prevent future mold growth. 

Some molds are helpful like those that we use to make cheeses or medication like penicillin. Harmful molds or fungi, on the other hand are created by a water loss, condensation, or even high humidity in the atmosphere. Because moisture can exist on any surface, more harmful molds can quickly grow on wood, drywall, carpets, furniture or insulation. They can grow in any setting, including densely used spaces such as schools or hospitals.

Molds that grow on drywall, subfloors or inside HVAC units and ducts can be the most harmful – simply because they can remain undetected for so long and their spores may become airborne and can travel throughout the structure. Mold-induced illness can affect both humans and pets. If you suspect mold may be a problem, either through observance or smell, it’s time for commercial mold remediation to take place.

What Does Commercial Mold Remediation Look Like? 

A trained SMART Environmental Services expert will begin their mold investigation by finding the location of mold growth and identifying the source of the moisture. If the mold is removed but not what is causing it, the mold may simply come back.  Once the mold is found, an appropriate commercial mold remediation plan will be put into place for the amount of contamination.  Air quality mold tests may be recommended in order to determine a more accurate mold remediation estimate and plan. 

If you need commercial mold remediation in Kansas City for your business, SMART Environmental Services can help. Call (913) 355-5303 today to schedule a consultation with our team of experts or contact us online. We’ll take care of removing the mold so you can stay focused on the safety of those who use your buildings.