Mold Damage Restoration by SMART Environmental Services

Mold damage remediation is in full swing thanks to our plentiful spring rains here in Kansas City. Early mold detection is important because you may have better options for remediation. While some mold is visible to the naked eye, some species of mold is not, which makes it extremely difficult to treat without professional testing.

How SMART Environmental Helps with Early Mold Detection

Spring weather brings its own set of challenges when it comes to mold. Frequent and heavy rains along with rising temperatures can combine to create humid environments inside your home. If you have any water entering your home, it’s important to stop it at its source and begin clean up right away, which will help with the spread of mold in your home. 

Once mold spores land on wet surfaces, they begin to grow and spread. Fortunately, SMART Environmental Services has the expertise you need to begin early mold detection to prevent huge problems before they develop

The experts at SMART Environmental Services understand mold damage remediation. Our technicians know how to get the job done properly and are able to assess the varying needs of each property to create a plan to address all of your needs.

Our mold assessments determine the best course of action for any mold damage remediation that may need to take place on your property. We can remediate and remove the mold, test using a third-party lab, use specialty equipment to clean the air and use methods and disinfectants approved by the EPA for your mold project. 

Mold Damage Restoration Specialists 

SMART Environmental Services is Kansas City’s #1 Rated Mold Restoration Specialists. Call 913-355-5305 or Reach Out for a Free Estimate!  Mold is a very difficult problem to address on your own. We even offer financing for home improvement or clean-up services through our bank partner, Acorn Finance

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