Water mitigation addresses the immediate concern of preventing water damage from spreading throughout a structure by removing all standing water immediately, followed by thoroughly cleaning, sanitizing, and drying your property. When ignored or left too long, dirty water and mold growth can be hazardous to the health of people and animals who are exposed to it. 

There are essentially three main categories of water damage depending on the severity of contaminants found in the water.

  • Category 1 usually stems from a sanitary water source such as a water supply pipe and is clean and safe to use. 
  • Category 2 is slightly contaminated and must be filtered before you drink or reuse any of it.
  • Category 3 stems from floodwaters and sewage pipes and is highly contaminated, and will cause severe illness.

The first step to water mitigation, according to FEMA, is to assess and evaluate the damage involved and determine what must be done to alleviate the problem. Water damage from flooding or some other natural disaster is often immediate and can have devastating consequences. Even situations that take place slowly, over time, such as ruptured plumbing pipes or a leaky roof, can result in serious damage. Further, homeowner’s insurance claims for water damage, amounting to millions of dollars each year, is one of the main reasons homeownerinsurance rates continue to rise.

Depending on the particular circumstances, different methods of water mitigation apply. This why professional water mitigation requires an individualized plan of action for removing water and moisture from your property. The use of industrial water extractors are utilized professionally to remove any and all standing water as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Once the water has been removed, industrial strength air movers and dehumidification, and wall cavity and floor drying systems are used to remove any remaining moisture and importantly, eliminate any mold-friendly environments from both the air and the structure itself.

water damage drying process

At SMART Environmental Services we understand that mitigating water damage quickly is the best way to prevent health issues from contaminated water and mold growth, as well as structural damage, and exorbitant costs for repairs.  We are a leading water mitigation company in greater Kansas City that is qualified to mitigate water damage. Once your property has been thoroughly dried and sanitized, replacement and restoration of ceilings, floors, and walls can begin with a contractor of your choice.

If you need help with water mitigation after an emergency, call the experts at SMART Environmental Services. Our technicians, using advanced meters and sensors, can measure the level of moisture that’s present and effectively reduce the risk of mold growth, and begin mitigation immediately. Our IICRC-backed team has years of experience and understand the value of a rapid response to water mitigation in Kansas City. Call SMART Environmental Services right away when your property has sustained water damage.

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